Brand Strategy: What, Why and How

What is a Brand Strategy?

Brand strategy is the eco-system of your business. Without this eco-system your business could not take effective decisions, handle operations, sustainably grow, and survive in an evolving market in the first place. Therefore, the brand strategy must be created professionally and thoroughly designed from the very foundations to every little detail there is to a successful brand. This responsible approach to brand development encompassing the macro and micro factors will ensure long-term perspectives for sustainability and growth in business.

Why Does my Business Need a Brand Strategy?

A strong brand communicates the right messages to internal and external audiences, reforms corporate culture and even undergoes restructuring changes without losing its identity, integrity, and relevancy. Any successful business’ credibility and reliability is based on brand strategy in the eye of the public.

What Happens, if I don't use a Brand Strategy for my Business?

The answer is nothing!

Nothing is also what will happen with your business, if you don't have a strategy.

  • If your business experiences setbacks,

  • if visitors are not converting into customers,

  • if you are paying for advertising that does not work for you,

your brand is communicating misleading messages conceptually and visually, and the reason is most probably anchored in the lack of corporate vision, effective brand strategy and product management.

The Key to Success

Brand strategy builds the essential basis of every successful entrepreneurship, it is the very foundation for successful marketing communications that thrive traffic to your company website, service portfolio or online store, and bring sales and loyal customers.

Strategy is the constructive structure that holds all elements in place and incorporates them together in perfect harmony invoking sustainable business growth and maximum impact.

After nearly 10 years of experience in public relations, market research, digital marketing, advertising, and art direction we started focusing on brand strategy because we realized that many businesses lack a cohesive conceptual and visual roadmap and how this lack negatively affected their development in every aspect.

Since we started consulting, we have helped numerous companies and brands start up or rethink their strategies to stay competitive and relevant in a transforming environment. We have supported business customers at all stages of brand development, and we know that it is complicated for entrepreneurs to understand the specifics and the importance of brand work.

Just as in PR, the benefits of a cohesive conceptual and visual brand strategy are often intangible in the short term, which makes them very difficult to evaluate for the financially oriented business owner.

The concepting, the creation and the development of a brand until it gets well known and widely recognized are complicated processes, that take a lot of time, research, and a diverse strategic skillset of a brand strategist to prepare your brand and level it up to successfully targeting customers and markets:

Branding – brand concept, brand identity, brand strategy, brand awareness

PR – public presence, corporate responsibility, reputation management, crisis management

Marketing – market research, targeting, positioning, pricing, product management

Entrepreneurship – corporate vision, competitor analysis, operations, risk management

Strategy – business strategy, brand strategy, communications strategy, marketing strategy

A lot of entrepreneurs don’t have this range of skills and are not prepared for the requirements and the challenges they face after registering a business. Establishing a brand and running a business successfully requires time, efforts but most of all - an open mindset, and a professional approach to sustainable development in business.

How To Build A Brand

If you are just starting up your business and wondering how to approach brand creation, we have set up these guidelines for you. This is the perfect one-stop solution for small businesses and start-ups as it includes all essential brand elements your establishing business needs for its future success.

Branding is a unique and never-ending process of experience, strategic etrepreneurship and creativity. A strong brand is one built on a solid foundation but it constantly evolves with its customers and transforms with the market to stay relevant. Every effort in this direction is worth the return on investment in the end.

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