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Updated: Mar 2

Presenting your Products without Presenting them

Today there are plenty of possibilities to meet your target consumers off and online. You can chat with them live, while they go through your online store, suggest products, and assist them in their buying choices. Offline you can meet consumers in your own store, on local markets and festivals. So, the opportunities are all there, are you prepared to use them to your advantage?

I have recently been at a local convenience store, where a competent lady (probably the business owner herself) promoted a new product. The product was actually good, but its presentation was turning people off of trying or buying it. Why?

Because a truly successful presentation is one that does not feel like a presentation. When presenting in front of people a lot of entrepreneurs tend to downgrade their work instead of favourably presenting their brand and selling their products. Why instead of winning new customers and keeping a loyal followers base, some brands are losing their charisma when being represented in person?

Public speaking could be hard to master. It represents a real problem for many to stand up and speak in front of an audience, not to mention to actually convince it in buying their products. And there is a reason why this problem is so persistent and widely spread among common people. But entrepreneurs are leaders and as such should not shy away from public speaking, product launches, company presentations and similar public events.

A brand, a product or a service are solely what audiences think of them or how consumers feel about using them. Public opinion is what makes a brand great or a product go viral. So even if you think you have the best product in the world, without any competition on the market, you still have to persuade the public, so they could eventually think the same about your work and buy your products.

To successfully present your brand, products, or services you either need to be a natural talent in public speaking or train your presentation skills. Moreover, you must develop a profound understanding of your brand, product or services and their unique personality to be able to represent it the right way.

As a business owner producing your own products you sure think you know them better than anyone else and could talk about them for hours. But most of the time you miss one detail that might cause you to fail in converting that audience into buyers. You are most probably not a psychologist and have no idea of PR, marketing, and advertising psychology.

This means you're most probably not prepared for meeting and convincing the public just yet.

So, what does it take?

Many people cannot master the art of public speaking and persuasion even after training for years. You see it is not a matter of education and erudition only, it is a question of personal charisma and credibility as well. Achieving an impact over the public opinion is pure magic in some sense and if you want magic, you must create it first.

There are numerous public speaking techniques but as mentioned above - this is not all it takes, so we will not be listing them here. Instead, let us give you a working strategy that TOP PRs & marketing managers use to grab the audience's attention instantly:

  1. Get prepared - gather information and build your strategy.

  2. Start with yourself - analyse your behaviour and rethink your ways of being attractive.

  3. Know your product - study every little detail of your offerings, customers will ask you things you didn't even think of.

  4. Know your niche - benefit from professional market research and competitor analysis.

  5. Know your audience - most market studies provide valuable insights on your target audience as well, use this information to your advantage.

  6. Train telling stories - focus on stories that matter to your audience, that you already know.

  7. A good interaction is not a monologue - don't suffocate your audience, let them breath.

  8. Train asking questions - sure market research is essential but don't miss the opportunity to interact live with your audience and ask them questions, this will provide you with even more valuable input first hand.

  9. Timing is everything - feel the audience, make all the right pauses and allow them to engage with your story and your products.

  10. Never stop exploring - audiences and markets are dynamic factors, they change, and you need to know how.

Focus on establishing an emotional connection with your audience. The only way to do so is truly interacting, have a conversation with them, don't advertise to them. If you are not sincere in your communication, the audience will instantly feel it and subconsciously refuse to listen to your arguments and buy your products. This does not mean you should not prepare for this interaction, consider market research, and train public speaking. It solely means you should stay natural and relevant in your communication.

Develop a certain mindset, being competent means never stop learning. Your personal and professional learning curve defines your unique experience, and you need experience in order to master public impact. This is sustainable development. It will help you broaden the horizons in front of your business and thrive sales long-term.

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