The Brand Strategist

What is a Brand Strategist and why do I need one?

Branding is what differentiates your company and products from all other companies and products on the market. No matter if you sell baby food or run a bank, it is branding that makes your company unique, trusted, and loved by consumers and the brand strategist is the person who makes it all happen.

The importance of developing a brand on a professional level is often neglected, especially by new business owners.

Starting companies often experience budgeting issues, lack of strategy, lack of information, bad decision making, and trust issues. These are the top 5 problem areas that keep newcomers from developing their company or what's worse - cause them to fail. As a business owner it is important to expand your mindset and broaden your horizons to allow your business to grow.

What can a brand strategist do for my business?

The brand strategist can save your company a lot of time, money and take away any insecurity issues, because they have the necessary overview. Brand experts constantly analyse and research the market dynamics, the consumer behaviours, and your competitors to provide you with a strategy to outgrow your competition. They have the necessary interdisciplinary knowledge background and professional experience to consult the executive management in the decision-making process in the field of brand development, PR, and marketing communications. An integrated approach to marketing and a consistency in brand communications is crucial for your business success and therefore branding is best managed and carried out by professionals.

Brand strategists build, position, and manage your brand; provide the brand guidelines to follow; manage your marketing communications strategy; and even train your marketing staff. So, brand strategists are an essential part of the executive management and among the most important players in your long-term business success. Interim, project-based or full-time - if you run a serious company, you would hire a brand strategist to consult and take informed decisions with together.

Brand Strategists are Problem Solvers

A brand strategist would audit your brand's public presence, diagnose the issues, and decide on the necessary improvements for a positive brand development and respectively - further business growth. You need this expert level support tailored to your business to stay relevant on the market and stay close to your target audience. Whenever you have a problem in your business development, marketing strategy, communication with internal and external audiences, or public image - a brand strategist can get you out of it.

Brand strategists are problem solvers, their expertise is based primarily on:

  • solid academic background in marketing, branding, PR, business

  • interdisciplinary knowledge base

  • analytical thinking

  • research experience

  • design-thinking approach

In just a few seconds customers decide whether to trust, like or recommend your brand to their friends and family. A brand strategist will dig deep in your company's profile and products' or services' characteristics to relate you with the relevant target audience. Their goal is to tailor your brand story and to optimize how your brand gets represented and perceived by the consumer. Because a strong brand encompasses every little detail from how it looks and speaks to how it serves customers. Your brand is your business reputation, and the brand strategist is your reputation manager. Having this level of expertise on your side is priceless for any company.

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